2016 Nominations & Voting

MOBO Awards – Nominations + Voting

To be considered for a MOBO Award nomination, MOBO operates a fully transparent procedure, adhering to a strict set of rules. A single, album, mixtape or EP must have come out during the specified eligibility period (see below).

Nominees per category are submitted by various individuals and organisations (see Screening Process) which will result in ‘long lists’ per category – a well-selected group of music connoisseurs will reduce the ‘long lists’ to ‘short lists’ (for instance 37 names to be reduced to 15 for most categories and to 20 for Best Newcomer) checking their eligibility and correct category placement.

The MOBO Awards Voting Academy, made up of over 300 music industry experts, will then cast their votes on the provided short lists which will result in the final 5 (or 10*) nominees in each category – their voting results count for 50% of the final outcome (their voting results count for 100% of the final outcome for Best Album) with the public determining the other 50% once they start voting for the winners after the Nominations Launch. 

MOBO Best Album (2016 Update)

Throughout the year, members of the music community come to us asking to make changes to the Awards process, and we work with them to figure out how those changes might work. So, in terms of new amendments guiding the 21st Annual MOBO Awards process, we are pleased to announce that the winner for BEST ALBUM will be wholly decided by the MOBO Awards Voting Academy, which means public voting will no longer be applied to this category. We believe this change is a testament to the artists, producers and writers — some of whom are voting members. 

MOBO Best Grime Act

The MOBO Best Grime Act category (In association with BBC Radio 1Xtra) will follow a separate screening and voting process. The final 5 nominees for Best Grime Act will be selected by a panel set up by 1Xtra staff members. Voting for this category will exclusively take place on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s website.

The Eligibility Period.

For the 2016 MOBO Awards, the release dates should be between Aug. 29, 2015 – Aug. 31, 2016.  Any music released after this period will be considered for next year’s Awards (eligibility period from 1 Sept. 2016 – 31st Aug. 2017).

Screening Process

The MOBO Panel is made up of over 300 music professionals representing every sector of the music industry: record labels, publishers, managers, DJs, journalists, producers, songwriters, music video directors and, introduced this year, MOBO Award winners and nominees from the past 3 years; giving them the opportunity to honour their artistic peers. The short lists of eligible artists, albums, singles, Ep’s and mixtapes are made available to the MOBO Panel via a secure online voting system where they will select their top five choices in each category (scoring 5, 4, 3 … respectively). This then results in the panel’s recommended list of nominees per category.   

The MOBO Panel will have to make their decisions with the following criteria in mind:

1. Quality of work - song writing credits, press acclaim  

2. Commercial performance - charts, album/single sales, radio spins

3. Acclaim - positive reviews from leading publications and fans

4. Performance - live performance skills, festival bookings throughout summer

5. Buzz - has this artist/album/song been the name on everyone's lips, hot pick for features

6. Cultural Impact - business acumen (independent success), merchandise, ushering in other artists, influence

Public Voting and Weighted Results

Nominations will be announced 5 – 6 weeks before the MOBO Awards giving the public ample time to cast their votes – one vote per category, one vote per person. Voting will be closed 3 - 4 days before the show when the public’s votes will be combined with the voting academy's voting (except for BEST ALBUM), each being weighted 50% towards the final list of winners.

Awards Announcements

Winners of the categories are not informed until envelopes containing the names of the winners are presented at the ceremony. A few selected categories will see their awards presented at the MOBO Pre-Awards which is likely to take place at a London venue earlier in the week.

(NB: * Categories with 10 nominees are:  MOBO Best Newcomer, MOBO Best African Act and MOBO Best International Album – the latter two categories are brought down to 5 finalists midway through the public voting period which results will be communicated).

The above is subject to change which changes will be reflected right here.

March 2016.

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