Age Restrictions For Music Videos On YouTube?

Everyone knew it. You were craving to see the latest blockbuster in cinema. You went to the cinema but unfortunately the lady at the counter wouldn’t sell you tickets. Why? Because you were not old enough to watch it.

Fine. That happened to all of us. But age restrictions only apply for movies and not music videos, right?
Wrong – and this may change platforms like YouTube and Vevo immensely.

It already exists.
Running since 3rd October 2014 the first phase saw the three major record labels (SONY, Universal and Warner) submit any music videos for release online in the UK for which they would expect to be given at least a 12-rating* to the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) and this will effect 20% of music video overall.

* Videos deemed not to contain content that would attract at least a 12 rating are not submitted

This trial period will be evaluated later this year. If agreed, the BBFC would then issue either 12, 15 or 18 rating – Vevo and YouTube would then display the labels when the videos are broadcast online.

Geoff Taylor, CEO of BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) stated:
“We want to empower consumers by giving them useful, advance guidance as to the suitability of the music videos they watch, whilst leaving artists the freedom to fully express themselves. [...] This will enable families to make more informed viewing decisions.”

But what do the platforms think about this new way of restricting videos that will be hugely affected by this major change?

Nic Jones, Senior Vice President at Vevo, said:
“Music videos give bands and artists their best opportunity to express personality and individuality to their fans. [...] We also recognise our role in being able to assist music fans, and their families in particular, to be comfortable with their choice of viewing material and its suitability. In turn age ratings will help [...] them to connect to their desired audience.”

Candice Morrissey, Music Partnerships, YouTube added:
“These [age restrictions] are in addition to the controls we already provide on YouTube including the ability for uploaders to add age warnings to videos and a safety mode to help parents screen out content they do not feel is suitable for their children.”

Seems like the businesses pretty much agree with it. Let’s hear your opinion!
Do you think there should be age restriction for online music videos on YouTube and Vevo? 


Maria Sophie Bissendorf