Bryson Tiller True To Self

Album Stream: Bryson Tiller "True to Self"

It was only last week that Bryson Tiller took us all by surprise and unveiled the tracklist for his highly-anticipated sophomore album True to Self. Now, four weeks ahead of its scheduled release date, Bryson Tiller is back with more surprises as he releases the full album.

He previously released three songs but much like his platinum-selling debut T R A P S O U L, True to Self is strictly Tiller and see's no features.

So, why did Bryson decided to release his new album a month early? According to a revealing new interview with Billboard, it was his manager that pushed for the surprise release, saying: “I’ve been ready to get the music to the fans as soon as possible, so why not?". He continued: “I can’t take the credit for that. It was just my manager; it was his plan [to] drop it a month early.” Tiller even says that he forgot that it was going to drop early.

Stream True to Self below: