A Day at Wireless Festival with Nick Brewer

First, let's state the obvious. Wireless was incredible.

Other than Nicki's late arrival, the rest of the weekend went smoothly and catered the musical tastings of the 135,000 people who showed up.  From the moment Finsbury Park opened its gates, the crowd was bursting with energy. And with an endless supply of food and drink available at every corner, there was never a reason to slow down.

A few of our team members were there to even capture it on film. But instead of sitting in the VIP/Press area, we decided to get in the middle of the crowd and film what was really happening throughout the weekend. So if you were there this weekend, you will definitely want to take a look at the short video (coming soon) and see if we got you on camera.

However, we did have a special guest in the press area and backstage who was able to give us a whole new perspective on the Wireless Festival; the London rapper and Wireless performer Nick Brewer.

With the recent buzz around Nick and the release of his upcoming single ‘Talk To Me’, it was no shock to us that he was on this year’s line-up. But instead of interviewing him, we decided to take a different route and let him tell us about his experience at the festival from performing on the Re-Wired stage to him watching Kendrick Lamar perform later that evening.

Read about his experience below (plus photos):

Wireless Festival, a serious line up and intense sunshine - the perfect combination for any festival go-er who doesn’t want to spend the majority of their time dodging puddles in wellies.

My set was on the Capital Xtra Stage, and as DJ Slick warmed up the crowd, I waited to run on stage to “Rude Boy”, my track that plays homage to the one and only Dizzee Rascal. I performed to those who had arrived early doors, which was luckily a fair few and a great crowd.

After my set, I sat down for a quick Nandos and then headed into the press area, where I had a chat with a few different online publications and digital radio stations. I had one interview with SUB TV, where I even got to play Hungry Hippos, and embrace a weird inflatable pig, wearing goggles - see picture below!

Highlights of the day included Stormzy’s rammed set at around 6pm, where he brought out the likes of Yungen, Krept & Konan and Dizzee Rascal - perfectly timed to his “I was on the roads when Dizzee made “I Luv You” Lyric. Dizzee is one of the reasons that I got into music, it was such a pleasure seeing him in his element, and bumping into him backstage afterwards. 

Other top moments included Childish Gambino getting the whole Main Stage jumping, and of course Kendrick Lamar, who opened with “Money Trees” and performed an awe inspiring catalogue of hits; overwhelming talent.

Big up Wireless Festival, we’ll be back next year.

-- Nick Brewer


Don't forget to check out Nick Brewer's forthcoming single 'Talk To Me' which goes online this coming Monday, 13 July. Until then, here is one our favourites.


Alexis J. Mattei