Drake Sade More Love

Drake and Sade Get Mashed up on 'More Love' Playlist by Vacations - Listen!

Drake’s never been shy about showing his admiration for Sade. And now the Hip Hop superstar finds some of his More Life cuts fused together with some of Sade’s classic hits.

Titled More Love, the mashup EP (curated by Brooklyn DJ John McSwain, otherwise known as Vacations) opens with “Lover’s Smoke,” which fuses Drizzy’s “Free Smoke” with Sade’s “Lovers Rock.” It is then followed by “Gylaskin” (“Gyalchester” and “Skin”), “Get it Together, Give it Up,” “Can’t Cherish Everything” (a mix of “Can’t Have Everything” and “Cherish the Dar”) and more.

Are these mashup’s better than the originals? Stream More Love below…