Event Review: #NewGenLive

Progression is one of the fundamental concepts of UK urban music culture and UK Rap and Grime are at the heart of that culture. The new supportive nature of the scene, as well as the talent of its prodigies, has meant that it is developing at an unprecedented rate and is producing some exciting talent.

On Tuesday night, at The Nest in Dalston, I saw this mentality manifest itself in the new generation of promising UK rappers. #NewGenLive comprised some of the most inventive and talented young rappers to create an unfathomable energy, displaying what the UK have to offer.

If you follow UK Rap as faithfully as I do, you will be more than familiar with the line up that lit up the east London venue and will know how centric they are to the new generation movement. Docta Cosmic ignited the event, setting the pace for the night and starting the avalanche of energetic performances. Cl!pstar, J Hus, Avelino and TE Dness paralleled that intensity, preparing the supporters for an unforgettable performance from Bonkaz and Renz.

The event was an impressive amalgamation of UK talent but, for me, there were a couple of game-changing highlights. First was Avelino's live performance of Oh My which embodied the lyrical content and mentality that has become synonymous with UK Rap and secondly, the undeniable artistic chemistry between Bonkaz and Renz. The pair's work ethic and passion is evident in every project and performance, justifying their status as ambassadors for the new generation of UK Rap.

Check out the performance of #WeRunTheBlock produced by The Heavytrackerz below.


Patrick Fennelly (@fennelley)