Interview | The Cokers: Love At First Note?

Tell us about the Cokers Brand?

The ethos of our brand is to encourage people to believe in marriage and in the power of working together toward a collective goal. In everything we do, whether music, business or other, our aim is to inspire those around us to seek and fulfill their purpose in life.

We want to motivate the current and next generation, to believe in themselves and their God given potential, in becoming whatever they’ve been called to be.

Was it love at first note?

Hahaha! Far from it actually. We first met in Liverpool at a youth event in 2005, but didn’t actually become friends until a year later. We grew as friends, dated for a while and then got married in 2010; and the rest they say is history.

Husband and wife duos are often seen as tacky, why are the Cokers different?

Good question! We’d say that what makes us different is, what you see is what you get. We have very strong individual characters but together we actually work really well. We’d go further to say that we’re just a good combination; we understand where we are going and work hard to get there.

You have a record label...expand on this?

As artists very new to the UK Gospel scene, our plan is always to maintain the release of our music for years to come. In order to do so effectively we set up a label “O&S Music” through which all our music and videos will be distributed.

Where can interested individuals purchase your music and see you live?

All our music can be found on all major online distribution platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc, simply search The Cokers. You can also find us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram), just search TheCokersMusic.

Our New Album ‘Through the Veil’ is also available to purchase, as well as where we will be performing in the coming weeks and months via our website

Would you ever consider appearing on a TV talent show?

To be very honest, TV Talent Shows have drastically changed over the last decade or so. It used to be about searching for real talent but, in our opinion, has now become a money-making business to build viewers, entertain audiences, humiliate people and ultimately make money at the expense of others. It’s no longer about the people or searching for potential talent, but having said that, maybe it never was. We have talked about it in the past but the motive behind why one would want to participate needs to be correctly guided, with an understanding of the Music Industry at present.

What is your biggest gig to date?

We’re assuming that by ‘biggest’ you mean the most significant event we’ve done to date. If so, we’d have to say it was our Live Showcase in March 2014. It was the introduction of our music to the world and a statement to say that we ‘We are here, and we are here to stay!’

Is it true that Sky TV have commissioned a reality show based on the Cokers?

Not according to our records, but if we missed the memo we’d love to sit with the producers at Sky TV and discuss our plans for a TV reality program we have in the pipeline :)

Given the choice, would you sign to Integrity Europe, Sony or Universal music?

In all honestly, the label is not necessarily the focal point, but more about the contract and it’s advantages and limitations. There’s no point signing a contract that has no benefits to you as an artist and only benefits to them as the label. It’s great to say that you are signed to a record label, but being an artist requires an understanding of the business angle and ultimately how your music is marketed to the world. We would love the opportunity to be signed to any of these labels, but it really would need to be on the best terms for both parties.

Are you big names on the British Gospel circuit and would you collaborate with Paloma Faith, Jahmene Douglas or Tom Jones?

We’d rather say that we are an emerging name in the British Gospel circuit. With regards to working with the names above, we would certainly consider working with them all! Our message needs to reach audiences far and wide and these artists have the capacity to do that; so it would be an absolute pleasure to work with any of them.


Steve Alexander Smith