Kanye West

Kanye West Completely Spazzes Out On "Sway In The Morning Show"!

If you think Kanye's rants were the worst of it, just wait until you hear what he had to say during his recent interview on Sway In The Morning.  

Ye sat down with Sway Calloway  for an interview on Sway In The Morning, and it was easily his loudest one yet.  And some type of way, things ended up getting intense after Sway asked a simple question to Kanye about why he isn't able to get to wherever it he's trying to get to in the fashion world.

Sway quizzed Kanye about his frustrations with the fashion industry and asked, “why don’t you empower yourself, and do it yourself?” Eh-err! Wrong answer, Sway. And that’s when Kanye flipped.
Kanye: How, Sway!? You ain’t got the answers, Sway! I been doing this more than you! You ain’t been doing the education! You don’t have the answers, though, because you tryna give me advice about something. You ain’t spend $13 million a year tryna empower yourself…What’s the name of yo clothing line? We don’t know… I just told you I lost the money ’cause I didn’t have the knowledge of how to do it the right way!
Sway: Okay, so you don’t have money to do it. That’s yo answer. You ain’t gotta turn up, man. This ain’t no fucking show, man.
What came next was 3 and a half minutes of Kanye straight screaming on dude and spazzing out. Check it out below:



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