Muyiwa: The Man Behind Premier Gospel Radio

Describe Muyiwa in 5 words?
African, Christian, Husband, Father, Broadcaster.

Its your 5th Birthday....not you, but your Radio show Premier Gospel. How did you celebrate?
We had a small party where we invited 300 of our listeners and had our DJ's play for them and gospel artist perform. Our DJ's cover gospel reggae, hip hop, Latin, African, House and jazz. Amongst artists performing live were at least 3 MOBO winners and many MOBO nominees.

Muyiwa is such a great name.....certainly more interesting than Steve Alexander Smith. Tell us more.
My full name is actually longer and its become something of a party piece for me. If you’re ready....oluwalomueleyiwa adebayo olarewaju  ishola omo erin tin jogun ola. Muyiwa is the user friendly version of the first name. Nigerian names are full of meaning so mine  oluwalomueleyiwa  means God has brought this one (someone was happy to see  me :-) )

Adebayo = crown has met with joy
Olarewaju = progressive god, honor, wealth
Ishola omo erin tin jogun ola = the son of an elephant that inherits great wealth (I blame this on my struggle to keep my weight under control.. Elephant genes lol)

You are featured in the Book British Black Gospel, TV shows, Radio, magazines......are you a British Gospel Celebrity?
That's not the sort of thing you say yes to lol. Just got back from Uganda and traveled back with the legendary Lenny henry and he ducked the label.... So it's a label people who think it belongs to you put on you.

I have 6 albums number 1 on jazz and blues charts for 5 months, number 5 on the world music charts, first and still the only international act on BET’s Celebration of Gospel, first international act to guest on BET’s Sunday Best, first UK gospel act to sell out indigo2 @ o2, Ocean in Hackney & and more recently Hammersmith Apollo. Presenter of TV show shown 0n 150 station across Europe, Africa, Caribbean, presenter of a radio and tv shows on airlines...I could bore you some more...

Whatever became of your amazing choir Riversongz?.....I have the awesome DVD
Still alive and well, we've been beavering away for over 10 years and had some amazing successes. The DVD you have is one of 5 DVD’s,

   Restoration recorded live at new wine London
   Declaring his Power recorded live at Anfield in Liverpool
   Declaring his Love recorded live at Ocean in Hackney
   Live at the O2
   Live at the Apollo

I'm glad we recorded all these, its record for the history books that cannot be refuted. We are currently finishing off our first ever all African album produced by the prodigious Kwame Yeboah (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Craig David...)

What motivates you and what annoys you?
We probably don't have enough but the short version...

Motivates me: the opportunity to help someone else to get ahead in life. One of my family mantra ("the reason for my being is greater than I")
Annoys: not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming others. 

British Gospel in 20 years from now?
The historians and academics like yourself will have a good handle on this, but I’m a believer in the saying "Nothing new under the Sun". what’s happening now in UK gospel has happened before. So the next 20 years will have periods of quietness with nothing happening in UK gospel and then there will be moments of whoa! 

What can listeners discover on your Premier Gospel show?
I would encourage people to sample more than my show on Premier Gospel. Premier Gospel is a 24 hour gospel music station, it does what’s on the tin, it gives you "music for life". We have an incredible breakfast show with Yinka & Selene which sets you up for the day, a drive time with award winning ex BBC presenter Lady T, then we have Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin, African, House, Jazz, Choir hour, and then legends like Grammy award winning Donnie Mclurkin and UK giant Angie Le Mar.

Muyiwa Olarewaju is Station Director for Premier Gospel


Steve Alexander Smith (Author: British Black Gospel)