April Mobo ones to watch

New Artist Tips for 2016 | Jay Wrighter selects his Ones To Watch [Part 4]

If this is your first time here, thank you for dropping by! I aim to please and hope you'll leave itching for more, aching at the thought of having to wait till May for another list of 10 low key artists that you wish you discovered sooner. To those returning, thanks your loyal readership and I hope you enjoy the latest list of incredible artists I crated for your listening pleasure.

This month's list includes an array of diversified sounds from one end of the musical scale to the other. I also feel like producers play such an important role in music, especially now more than ever, that I've decided to try my best to cover a UK and International producer every month from now. ENJOY...


Dr. Vades is a dynamic collaboration between two brothers from East London. Consisting of Dr. Kane and Jay Vades who, growing up in a house filled with musicians, already had their own separate musical successes. Dr.Kane is responsible for the huge House hit 'Tribal Man Skank', which was supported on BBC Radio 1,1Xtra and Kiss FM. Similarly, Jay Vades has been recording music since the tender age of 8-years-old and now, at only 22, has built an impressive CV in music engineering.

The coming together of the two minds creates almost a Jekyll and Hyde type duo able to produce mellow crooners or totally contrast their style with an upbeat summer dance anthem. It's no surprise that last year they signed a deal with Universal. There is also some speculation that Bryson Tiller's huge anthem Don't was produced by the Dr. Vades outfit, and if that's anything to go by we can expect a lot more hits from the team in 2016. 



Having always been a fan of Atlanta's ELHAE, it wasn't till the rapper/singer/producer released a track entitled HER, following an episode in his life, that I really started to appreciate the genius behind the triple threat. Since laying his heart on the line with a number of consistent releases, ELHAE has proven to be more than a one trick pony, as well as a creative mind. What I enjoy most is the way in which ELHAE can channel an array of emotions into his music whilst still making for easy listening on relatable subject matters. 2016 is sure to be a good year for ELHAE, having previously collaborated with Rick Ross, the ATL resident now rubs shoulders with the likes of KehlaniJMSN and SPZRKT.




Swaying left from your typical UK rapper, North London's Alista Marq creates a unique blend of Hip Hop mixed with R&B, along with a hint of alternative sounds, which encompass his smooth style. Enabled with the ability to mesh incredible melodies with laid back chords and bass lines, Alista allows equal light to shine on his lyricism and artistry, as well as the production which mainly comes from collaborator Stevie Dutch, who works closely with Alista to push these conceptual boundaries. 



A duo based in Melbourne, Australia, Fortunes are a band consisting of producer Barnaby Matthews and vocalist Conor McCabe - both originally from NZ, Fortunes – who mesh electric basslines with authentic Hip Hop sounds and soulful R&B. Having come across the group back in 2013, their brief hiatus left me wanting to hear more of their eclectic approach to R&B that could easily also fit into the pop/alternative genre. With Fortunes back at work, and the recently released Jacket EP, it might finally be time for the rest of the world to fortunately become aware of Fortunes.





East London already has a firm position in UK music when it comes to grime, with 90% of London's underground sound being pioneered by East London residents. But 22-year-old Rachel Foxx is a strong contender for the Future Sound R&B world of London and the UK. With soul like Sade and the upbringing of a millennial 90's baby influenced by the hip-centric Shoreditch, Rachel makes for a very interesting sub-genre type of a Neo-soul hybrid of R&B. Having also been giving the nod by Soulection via a J -Louis remix of Foxx's Before You, Rachel Foxx is proving her fan base expands beyond UK waters.




It seems like I can't get away from Canada, with Jay'd Ink being the latest Canadian to feature on my monthly list. Although she was born in Kingston, Jamaica - Jay'd first started writing poetry before deciding to challenge herself and express her love of music by writing and recording her own music. Currently one of my favourite underground Canadian artists, Ink glides between Future Sound R&B and a more 00's style of Rhythm and Blues. Smooth and sultry, her sound is ideal for Netflix and Chill or those winter warmers.



Triple threat producer, DJ and singer Jaël took to music early on in life with both parents heavily influenced by funk and soul, which paved the way for the Dutch producer.

After coming into contact with the guitar, drums and keys, Jaël decided making music was his destiny. The 22-year-old mainly produces, creating magic using previous influences to blend funk, soul and electronic vibes with smooth layers that have led to Jaël touring Europe and being booked for some of the Netherlands biggest festivals, including Latin Village & Eastville Festival. Listening to the young producer it's easy to pick up influences from Soulection affiliates such as Sango and Sam Gellaitry. However, Jaël does well to stay in his own lane and produces some of the most unique but satiable remixes of everyone's favourite R&B classics.



Straight out of Los Angeles, Croosh caught my ear with his self-produced cut Patiently Waiting. The rapper/producer isn't new to the music scene and, in fact, has been grafting for the last 3 years. However, it wasn't till recently that Croosh found a sound that caught the attention of a wider audience. Lyricism and wordplay are no problem for Croosh, as he bounces along a variation of beats with metaphors and similes, not so in your face but clear enough to be appreciated. 


808 INK

Producer 808 Charmer and rapper Mumblez Black Ink are the names behind 808 Ink, a South London duo with a fresh yet raw and gritty sound. A step away from the plentiful familiar trap rap of London, the two produce rap that any hip hop fan would be proud of. Unique beats seamlessly meshed with old school flavour and new school vibes from 808, coupled with Mumblez's impressive lyricism, make for an enjoyable experience into London's less publicised side of rap. With a growing fan base, 808INK might just be the change in direction many are looking for.



South London crooner D/C first caught my ear in 2015 with his insatiable track The Fall; a smooth ballad  dipped in dark mellow tones, hard kicks and snares only made better with D/C's gravely voice and excellent songwriting. The deep bass undertones are something that can be found in D/C's only other available track at the moment, Longing For You. With a distinctive voice and sensational songs about love, we hopefully won't be kept waiting too long for more music from D/C. 


Jay Wrighter (@jaywrighter)