New Radio 1 boss says Grime will be the UK’s next big cultural export

For the majority, Grime has experienced a revival in recent years. Despite being an established genre for more than a decade, it seems like the mainstream is catching on to the unique sounds and talent that Grime has to offer. And now, according to the new head of music at BBC Radio 1, Grime is well on its way to becoming the UK’s next “big cultural export.”

In a revealing interview with The Guardian, Chris Price, who has taken over in the role from George Ergatoudis, said that 2016 could be a big moment for the genre.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “This year could be quite a turning point for Grime. Can this become our big cultural export moment, our Hip Hop? It feels like international eyes are on the genre.”

He continued: “Look at Drake signing to Boy Better Know last month or signing Grime artists to his own label and Kanye West turning up at the Brits mob-handed with the entire Grime industry last year.”

However, Price did make note of the fact that the genre has faced some struggles, especially when it comes to producing seminal albums. “It’s not really an albums genre… In the past 10 years, I think even most Grime fans would say that there’s been one seminal Grime album and that’s Boy In Da Corner by Dizzee Rascal,” he explained. “But Stormzy’s going to drop an album this year, Skepta’s probably going to drop an album this year, Kano has just released a phenomenal body of work.”

He also went on to speak out on the lack of diversity at this year’s Brit Awards, saying: “At Radio 1, we’re really focused on making sure we reflect the diversity of our audience in our music policy. And I’d love to see the success of an artist like Stormzy, who’s got a long history with 1Xtra and Radio 1, and a top 10 single with ‘Shut Up’ – the first freestyle ever to do that – to be reflected at the Brits,” Price said.

“I’d also love to see the excellent work that 1Xtra does at the black and ethnic minority end of the scale be reflected.” 

Photo Credit: Loren Wohl