new Vlog: U.S Road Trip #LYTTLEROADTRIP

2015 Best Jazz nominated drummer/producer David Lyttle has packed his bags, purchased an old Cadillac and, with the help of his friend and long-term collaborator Tom Harrison, has set off on a U.S road trip in search of a deeper understanding of the public's connection with Jazz and underground Hip Hop. With editing support of Nik from the MOBO Digital Team, David will provide us with a biweekly update on his travels, so join us and catch up on his latest adventures in the episodes below: 


What inspired you to do this project?

After the hype of my last album started to die down I realised that my crossover collaborations and studio projects got a lot more exposure and publicity than my work as a jazz drummer and the public seemed to respond to it more too. I wondered if it was because of marketing, accessibility or just because the word 'jazz' was hidden more behind hip hop, soul and other less intimidating words. I've released three albums and done a lot of touring over the past ten years so I wanted to take some time and try to learn more about people and how they connect with more music.

Why are you doing it in America?

America is the home of jazz and hip hop and has the biggest land expanse of countries associated with these art forms. It's also an extremely diverse place, in the sense of the various types of people you'll meet in any one town and the different attitudes you experience moving around  the country.

You'll also be making some artistic statements. Can you say more about that?

Well, when you're on an American road trip making the most of the country's iconic landscapes and landmarks seems like the right thing to do. I'll be filming pieces in Alcatraz, the Wild West, around Area 51 and at Monument Rocks, Kansas. I'll be trying to say something through music at these powerful places. I'm also doing a composition around gun culture.

Your schedule shows some pop-up gigs, including a few days in Las Vegas.

Yes, I don't want to plan things too heavily so I'm keeping a lot of it open. I like the guerilla approach where we arrive in town, hang with the locals, find somewhere to play, invite them and hopefully then play

You mentioned being a little bit nervous. Have you any other concerns?

Yeah, lots. We'll probably be misunderstood and chased out of town. Or thrown in jail. The car might break down in the desert. We might get robbed and left in the desert. It could be very Hollywood though and good for the trip, so I'm ready to embrace anything, more or less.