Radio & TV Presenter Julie Adenuga Talks About All Things Music

With the launch of her UK Urban music show Play It going so well, that it is now on TV, and with the success of her drivetime show on Rinse FM, we decided to sit down and talk to Julie Adenuga, about all things Play It and music related…

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey everyone! My name is Julie Adenuga, I'm a radio and TV presenter and I'm always hungry.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Really Really Happy.

You started your drive time show on Rinse FM in 2011, what do you hope listeners take away from your show?
I want people to laugh, I want people to forget they're having a shxt day (if they're having a shxt day) & I want people to enjoy the music Rinse has to offer.

You are also a host for various events, how did you get into this?
I enjoy talking to people - it was a naturally progression I suppose.

Do you ever get nervous?
Nope. Jamie Adenuga said: "I don't get nervous because I'm always adequate".

Play it started from you wanting experience in front of the camera, what was the transition like, from being the voice to the presenter in front of the camera?
Hard. I'm still not as good at it as I know I can be. So every episode is another chance.

You have complete creative control, what is your overall aim with Play It?
I want it to be around for years and years and years. I want it to always be a place where people know they can come for new music and artists.

What makes your show different compared to things like F64’S on SBTV and Daily Duppy etc?
Play It comes from my love for music television and when I came up with the idea I knew it had to be that. I wanted it to have that 'on set' vibe. If I could - I'd even get a live studio audience. One day.


You were approached by Daily Motion, how did this come about?
My friend Akin works for them and he saw what I was doing and wanted to support me. He's a really really good person.

The programme is now on AKA as well as Daily Motion, how does this work?
With AKA we keep it Grime/Hip Hop and rap/MC based and then we Daily Motion we include the singers & poets. I get to cover all UK music genres and talents. Which works perfectly for me.

You’ve mentioned before that when Play It goes through Daily Motion on your site that it will have extra content, what kind of content will that be?
The Daily Motion episode being online means we don't have time restrictions. So longer interviews, longer performances and more fun with the acts!

AKA is a huge platform to have Play It on television, what was it like seeing yourself on tv for the first time?
HORRIBLE! I didn't enjoy it one bit. I don't watch my scenes anymore. By the time it's on AKA - I've seen the episode about 5/6 times so I know when to look away and/or mute the TV.

What artists can we look forward to seeing on Play It?
I want any artist who works hard and believe in what they do and creates great things. So look forward to old and new UK talent!

Who would you love to have on the show?
Little Simz, Shakka and JME

When can we catch Play It?
You get new Play It episodes on the 1st of each month on AKA (Sky channel 385) & our Daily Motion episodes launch half way through each month on  

What more can we expect from you in 2015, anything exciting/any suprises?
I'm gonna attempt to change the world. So. Yeah. *fingers crossed*


Jenna Simmons