Scorcher | MOBO Live Series 2 EP02

The wait is finally over!

We are kicking off our 2015 MOBO Live Series with none other than MOBO Award nominee, Scorcher. After seeing all the positive feedback from the release of his latest EP, 1 of 1, there was no question we had to bring him in the studio. We have never featured a rapper before but I think once you watch his performance, you will agree that there will be many more to come. After two sick performances of 'No One Else' and 'Beautiful Music', it is safe to say he has set the bar high for the following acts.

Scorcher also sat down with us for an exclusive interview. The recording artist has a lot planned for 2015 and we are excited to see it all unfold.

Watch the below interview to see what his take on the controversial topic of Indie vs. Major music label, his acting career, and much more!

You can buy the Scorcher EP '1 Of 1' Here -


Scorcher - 'Beautiful Music' - EP 1 of 1

Scorcher - 'No One Else' - EP 1 of 1


Alexis J. Mattei