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Skepta, Stormzy and Mic Righteous speak out against Syria air strikes

Terrorism has, sadly, been a regular topic of conversation in politics, the news and on our timelines. With the latest tragic events in Paris, Nigeria, and the daily victims in cities across the globe, most can agree that something needs to be done to bring about a peaceful solution.

For almost a week now, the British government has been wrangled in a debate on whether British jets should join US and French bombing strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria.

With a 10-hour House of Commons debate ending with a vote endorsing David Cameron’s case for the Syria air strikes, millions across the world have shared their thoughts on the result, both online and off. While there are a lot of celebs who are keeping quiet, Skepta, Mic Righteous, Stormzy, and more have spoken out against the government’s decision. 

Shortly after the vote was announced, Skepta took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the decision:


How can the decision for British military action against 22 million innocent Syrians be decided by 397 white people in suits 2,000 miles away that disregard the anti-war cries of their own people!! Its repulsive. Cameron's plan & reasons for military action is simply not strong enough to begin airstrikes.. .ffs Britain can't even handle snow in the winter, how the fuck we gonna handle a response attack? Because those affected by the strikes are going to be hell bent on payback for the loved ones they have lost. Understandable. There will be a response attack, so tell us how this decision is going to make Britain safer? Bombing democracy into a nation has never worked, It failed in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya so whats different now? Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insane, but thats this British government and many other governments like it. Old men who can lift a gun to save their lives, so they mind warp and send our young men to fight and die for them while their pockets and their allies pockets get fatter. Its insanity. #PrayForSyria

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Dec 3, 2015 at 6:12am PST

Of course, Britain is split 50-50 over the government’s decision. The BBC recently spoke with political commentators to find out more on both sides of the air strikes debate. According to Alan Mendoza, executive director of think tank the Henry Jackson Society, it is important for the UK to support vital allies in the US and France.

“Equally, we have important allies who are engaged in Syria against IS. We face the same threat from IS as they do - as seen with tragic such consequences in Paris - and for us to stand aside while they carry the full burden of responsibility in fighting it would be morally shameful.”

However, Peter Ford, a former UK ambassador to Syria, says the air strikes could have serious consequences for the UK: “Bombing in Syria - where a complex multi-sided conflict is going on - is different from bombing in Iraq, where we are supporting an elected government. Also because actions have consequences and the inevitable blowback on our streets will be severe.” 

MPs Sebastian Payne and John Rentoul also shared their thoughts on the Syria air strikes in a debate with Sky News. 

Here are two websites and a video you can use to find out more information:


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