Stormzy Jeremy Corbyn

Stormzy praises Jeremy Corbyn: 'He gets what the ethnic minorities are going through'

Stormzy has never been shy when it comes to expressing his thoughts on traditional party politics, which is quite refreshing considering the amount of music acts who choose to stay quiet when it comes to politics. Previously, Stormzy warned his fans against voting for Zac Goldsmith in the London Mayoral election, but he has since shared his views on Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, and he’s a massive fan.

In a revealing interview with The Guardian, Stormzy said: “My man, Jeremy! Young Jeremy, my guy. I dig what he says. I saw some sick picture of him from back in the day when he was campaigning about anti-apartheid and I thought: yeah, I like your energy.

He continued: “Have you seen that footage of House Of Commons? They’re all neeky dons! The way they all laugh and cheer. Is this fucking Game Of Thrones? You lot have got real issues to talk about and deal with. That’s why I like Jeremy: I feel like he gets what ethnic minorities are going through and the homeless and the working class. That Zac guy, he just seems like a fucking arsehole.’

Stormzy also spoke about Sadiq Khan, our new London Mayor, sharing how he feels Khan should primarily focus on improving the housing crisis during his time as mayor:

“Now that I’m in a certain financial situation, I’m able to buy a house. But if I never became this, how the fuck was I gonna buy a house?”

He continued: “How is my bredren from the ends ever gonna buy a house? It’s mad out here”. 

Photo Credit: Dan Wilton