Tweets of the Week: Rihanna babysitting for Snooki, and Leona's wine disguise

Another week, another set of Twitter ramblings from those famous folk we love listening to. Who's got a snotty nose? Who loves a good red rug? And who's gyming it to get Madonna arms? Well, pop the kettle on and whilst it's boiling have a read of this...

This week, iPhone fever has swept over Twitter, but Clement Marfo is already way ahead on the technology front:

Although, it seems that Wretch 32 is slightly lacking in that department, as Chip had to give him a little helping hand:

The Twitter love was actually all around this week. Look, more fellow musicians helping each other out! Ah look it's Angel gifting JLS an mp3 of 'Wonderful'... adorable.

Rihanna's keeping her options open just in case the music career goes down the pan: Babysitting Snooki's newborn child...

Talking of adding another string to your bow... but is that really you Delilah? Or have you actually turned into Delia Smith?

Celebrities love a bit of over-sharing on Twitter, but we love it too. Jessie love, I'm sure SOMEBODY in the Bestival crowd must have had a hankie you could borrow?

Oh, and whilst we're dishing out some advice, somebody tell Leona Lewis you're meant to drink wine, not stand in front of it posing. Top marks for trying to camouflage with the red wine though.

BREAKING NEWS from Cleo Sol and her red rug...


Finally, our Tweeter of the Week this week is Example, because he says stuff like this:

Oh, and this:

And our favourite one:

We really hope you do win tickets Example. Purely to see the look on the crowds faces when you're not actually up on stage singing. Hero. Until next time…


James Moore (@jamesy_moo)