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Tyga Talks Kylie Jenner, Drake Diss And Amber Rose With The Breakfast Club

Unless you were living under a rock, it was hard to miss the messy Twitter feud between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose earlier this week. The public feud stemmed from Amber’s thoughts on Tyga and 17-year-old Kylie Jenner’s rumoured romantic relationship. With Tyga caught in the middle, the rapper decided to clear things up in an exclusive interview with The Breakfast Club. With the world having a close eye on their relationship, Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy did not hold back on asking Tyga about the status of his relationship with Kylie Jenner, if she was the reason he split from former fiancé Blacc Chyna and what he thought about Drake’s diss on “6pm In New York.” 
Another stand out moment from the interview came when Tyga explained that he believes the attention to his relationship with Kylie is a cultural thing. The rapper when as far to state that white people understand that people who hang out around each other are “friends,” whereas in Black culture, it’s assumed they’re ‘smashing.’ ………………… sigh 
Check out highlights from the interview below: 
On Kylie Jenner dating rumours: 
 “I’m not dating Kylie. I just want to get that out the way. I want to be clear to everybody that I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie. That’s ridiculous. Me and Chyna, we broke up almost close to a year now, because of the decision we made, and things in our relationship that wasn’t going right, we decided to split to raise an emotionally stable kid.”
On how white people don’t think it’s weird that he, a grown 25 year old, is regularly hanging out with a minor he isn’t related to:
“In black culture, it’s different. If you hanging around with somebody, you smashing them. In white culture, it’s different. They really are friends. They like really, like ‘This is my friend.’ It’s genuine. It’s different. How we think it’s a little different with our mentality. If I’m friends with her and I’m friends her sister, they ‘hos’ or we ‘smashing’ them. We’re really friends. I respect her mom.”
On his issues with Drake: 
 “It’s not really a beef, it’s just experiences that I’ve had with him, phone calls, and just stuff like that,” he said. “I feel like he’s a nice guy on the outside, but he’s not genuine. He plays people left and right.”


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