Cam'ron No Show At London Concert

When Cam'ron Couldn't Handle London - What Happened?

Good grief! A whole lot went on at The Forum yesterday evening but the night definitely took an interesting turn after the headliner, Cam’rom, cancelled his set last minute. It’s been ten years since Cam’rom first performed in the UK.  The 38 year-old rapper from Harlem - real name Cameron Ezike Giles- is one part of the legendary collective The Diplomats (also known as Dipset) alongside Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freeky Zekey. Celebrated for their unique aesthetic vision, they were a true grass roots movement and Cam’ron’s work with The Diplomats still registers. For a man who boasts a successful career in the music game, you can't help but feeling like we’ve missed out on a potentially epic show. 

Hours before he was scheduled to make his much anticipated return to the UK stage, Cam'ron started hyping up his performance by posing for backstage photos with Tim Westwood and even shot a few press interviews. 
Skepta successfully warmed up the crowd with Jammer, JME, Meridian Dan and others. The night seemed to be going smoothly until a 30 minute gap from Skepta’s performance left fans doubting if the legendary Harlem rapper would eventually hit the stage to perform. Unfortunately, fans never got the performance they paid to see as the night’s DJ, Manny Norte, took to the mic to announce to the crowd:   “Cam’ron’s not performing, I know as much as you guys do – but people will get full refunds.” 

Things pretty much went downhill from there as audience members stormed the stage and fans were left questioning the awkward turn in events. In the end, The Forum was closed early and audience members were asked to evacuate the building. Police soon followed. The Twittersphere went wild with speculation, with some believing that the rapper had been robbed and others hinting at a possible confrontation with So Solid’s Megaman stemming from a previous London show where Cam’ron didn’t show up but banked the fee paid to him. 

Many speculated that a situation like this might happen. Cam’rom doesn’t have the greatest track record with UK performances. Back in 2003, Cam’ron was scheduled to perform in London but failed to turn up. Also, fellow Dipset member, Juelz Santana, had similar troubles with his UK performance in 2008 when rumours circulated that the rapper was robbed of his Jewellery in London by an angry promoter. Juelz denied the reports but the event seems to have left a bad relation between London and Dipset shows. 
Reasons for the no-show are still a bit sketchy and Cam’ron hasn’t commented on the situation yet, but I have to say that the only people who lose in this situation are the fans who paid money to see him perform and didn’t because of some mess. After the release of his excellent new song, "Dipsh*ts", earlier this year and announcing Federal Reserve, a collaborative EP with A-Trak, UK fans thought they could get the chance to witness the glorious return of Cam’ron for the first time in ten years, sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. 


Adenike Gboyega