Wiley - Paving The Way

Wiley turned up on a Monday morning in Bow wearing a grey tracksuit and a pair of jet black Nike’s. He had travelled from his Cyprus home to celebrate receiving the first ever MOBO ‘Paving the Way Award.’

In a touching move he chose to have his paving cemented in the grounds of Bow School, the Tower Hamlets secondary school attended by both him and his father.

On arrival he was greeted by the head teacher, who, back in the nineties when Wiley attended the school, was his Head of Year.

After a brief introduction to a hundred or so star struck students he talked about his own experience at school, his lessons and trials and how those challenges shaped him into the man and musician that he is today.

What followed was a Q&A. He took a string of questions from the students, covering every topic; from his inspirations and favourite musicians, to the alternate career paths he maybe would have considered if he was not in love with music.

With questions finished, Wiley, the teachers, press and a litter of handpicked students headed outside to view the paving stone, which, etched on the path towards the assembly hall fittingly quotes a passage from his song ‘Bow E3:

“I’m so E3, the whole of E3 got so much talent, I hope you see me.”

With the morning coming to a close he posed for pictures, signed a few autographs and tackled a host of interviews. For him, he says it’s the most important award of his career to date:

“It’s more than an achievement. When I’m gone, they will still be able to read that. [It’s] cement…I’m cemented.”

Watch the video below for a full recap: