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11 Jun 2019 7:33 PM
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The walk from North Greenwich tube station to the O2 arena was joyously filled with a wide range of spectators. From soul sisters to hipsters, my short but delightful journey immediately taught me two things. 

1) Everybody needs a bit of Neo Soul in their lives, as its pretty much therapeutic.

2) As millennial guys, we're really doing all we can to secure ourselves a good woman.

With my ticket in hand and my seat found, the DJ had already set the tone. The energy in the room was locked in and ready for the first act and in walked a band of three. The room became widely lit with Androids and iPhone's, held by glary eyed fans, as Jhene Aiko flowed to take centre stage in an all-white gown whilst “Bed Peace” began to play. 

Throughout her performance, fans sang along to every word. With the continuous display of sacred geometric shapes on the LED screens, 
it became apparent to me that Jhene was taking us on a cosmic trip. Sadly, the cosmic trip was a short journey, as her set ended sooner than expected. 

During the intermission, British comedian Jazzie came through as the host and he did a good job in keeping the energy up. There was even a segment where four members of the audience were invited on stage to participate in a sing-off in the hopes of securing a chance to meet Erykah Badu herself.

They each sang their hearts out and took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by the reigns. The audience declared a south london singer-songwriter as the winner and, even though I personally think challenger 3 should have won, it was cool to see an aspiring musician get their chance to shine and win the opportunity to meet one of their musical inspirations. 

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Despite a 45-minute wait for her to hit the stage, which we later found out was due to her son being in a car accident (thankfully, he was okay), Erykah Badu made her set worth the wait as she blazed through classic cuts such as "On & On" and "Window Seat". 

From looking at the title I was expecting to see two singing souls on stage together, instead, it felt like Jhene Aiko was opening up for Erykah Badu. But with that being said, they each delivered memorable performances and an experience I would remember for years to come.

I give the show a solid 3 out of 5 stars. 


Author: Kevin Maha (@KevinMmzz)