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07 Oct 2019 3:08 PM
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Rapper Krept is “good” after being attacked at the BBC Radio 1Xtra live event this Saturday (October 5) in Birmingham.

The rapper, who is part of the duo Krept and Konan, was attacked backstage and suffered a slash wound. According to the police, there was medical help given, but Krept didn’t go to the hospital for further treatment. Following the incident, he tweeted on Sunday that he would be back soon and his manager and Konan both tweeted on Saturday night, saying “Bros good”.

The sold-out show was cut short after the incident occurred, which led to the scheduled performance from headliner Wizkid being cancelled. Krept was not set to perform in the show. Nobody was arrested, but the police are investigating what happened by looking at CCTV footage from inside the venue and talking to possible witnesses to gather information. Besides that, forensic investigations are also continuing.

1Xtra live was billed as “unmissable night” with a “mix of emerging and established artists” but would have been risk-assessed in advance “because all large events are”, as the force stated.

The event was also broadcast live across 1Xtra and Radio 1, but the live stream ended when the event was cut short. The BBC apologized and issued the following statement: "We are upset and saddened that something like this should happen to a guest at one of our events and we remain in close contact and continue to offer our full support".

Furthermore, BBC Radio 1Xtra said that the venue was responsible for security measures, and that it is understood there were security concerns which led to a heavy security presence at the venue, therefore. People backstage were meant to go through the same security measures as the audience. There has been no comment from the venue yet.

But there were further incidents reported: several audience members posted videos appearing to show scuffles in the crowd and in another separate incident officers arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of possessing of a knife at door six inside Arena Birmingham, who remains in custody. 


Author: Mira Ketterl