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When was MOBO Founded?

MOBO was founded in 1996 by CEO, Kanya King MBE.

What does MOBO stand for?

MOBO stands for Music of Black Origin.

Why was it started?

CEO and Founder of MOBO Organisation Kanya King MBE witnessed a plethora of talent within the urban community, so she set up a platform in order to give them the recognition they deserved.

Why call it Music of Black Origin if other races are featured?

MOBO is about the celebration & influence of black music, regardless of race, nationality or heritage.

Then why use the term 'black music'?

The term refers to music inspired and/or created by black people, there is a long history and heritage behind it.

Where can I get information on Kanya King MBE?

Click here for Kanya King's Bio

Who have MOBO partnered with?

Key supporters of MOBO have included Mastercard, HSBC, Western Union, Sony Ericsson, Lebara Mobile, PRS and Malibu and opportunities are available for partners to engage audiences across a number of platforms including the MOBO Awards, MOBO Tour, MOBO UnSung, MOBO online, MOBO TV, acoustic sessions and backstage talent retreats. We're currently working with HTC, easyJet and PRSforMusic.