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09 May 2019 2:06 PM
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The Sunday Times has released its annual UK’s wealthiest musicians list and while the entrants in the top five aren't much different than last year, there are some game changing additions to the list in 2019.

Ed Sheeran and Adele, aged 28 and 31 respectively, are youthful exceptions in a veteran-heavy list, topped by Andrew Lloyd Webber's £820m fortune.

Sheeran, who has sold 150 million records worldwide, is now the 17th richest musician in the UK and doubled his wealth in the last year to £160m. He has also overtaken Adele who remains the wealthiest female recording artist at number 22 with £150m.

Whilst the list is dominated by veteran stadium rockers with decades of experience and sales, it is the debut of MOBO Award winner Stormzy on this year’s list that has everyone talking. The Grime star, who recently topped the charts with his new single “Vossi Bop,” makes the list with a fortune of £16 million.

The 10 richest musicians in the UK and Ireland (2019):


1. Andrew Lloyd-Webber - £820 million


2. Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell - £750 million


3. U2 - £583 million


4. Sir Elton John - £320 million


5. Sir Mick Jagger - £275 million


6. Keith Richards - £260 million


7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison - £250 million


8. Sir Ringo Starr - £240 million


9. Michael Flatley - £204 million


10. Sting - £200 million


Check out the full list right here.