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14 Oct 2019 1:44 PM
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The album, which has already been delayed a few times, is yet to be released – despite announcing a release date of September 27. But now, Kanye has set another date for the release of ‘Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience’ at an event this weekend: October 25th.

According to the rapper, the album was delayed because he was “making it better for y’all” as he told the audience. There is no official statement confirming the date yet, but this date matches with the release of Kanye’s IMAX film, named as well Jesus Is King, which will bring his Sunday Services to the cinemas.

This now comes after Kenny G revealed he is set to feature on the album, after he performed in Kanye West’s and his wife Kim Kardashian’s house earlier this year. He said about their meeting:

“That was the day that I met Kanye. And he just could not have been nicer. It was super fun. And it was a great vibe doing that performance in their house. After that, he asked me if I want to come over to see his studio. So I said, ‘Cool’. So I went with him. And he started playing me some tracks. And as he was playing the tracks, I did not hesitate to say what I thought about the tracks. And I suggested on a particular track, ‘You know, I think if my saxophone was on there it would sound really good’. And he said, ‘Cool’. And he pulled out the microphone, and I started playing on it.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Author: Mira Ketterl